French as a Second Language

The aim of the French program is to provide students with French communication skills and an understanding of the language and its culture. Students develop a usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or contact with French-speaking people.  Students completing four core credits in French (with three of the four marks at level 3 or higher) will obtain a Core French Certificate upon graduation.  Extended students can earn a Gold Extended French Certificate with seven Extended French credits or a Silver Certificate with six Extended French credits.

By the end of the four-year program, students in the Core Program will be able to:

  • Participate in a straight-forward conversation in French
  • Read, with the help of a dictionary, books, magazines, and newspapers in French
  • Understand the general meaning of radio and television news and other programs

Students of the four-year Extended French Program will be able to:

  • Converse freely on familiar topics
  • Read, with the occasional help of a dictionary, books, magazines, and newspapers in French
  • Function in a French-speaking community


Language Courses - Grade 9
SubjectCourse Code(s)
French (Core)

FEF1DF  (Extended)

FSF1D1 (Academic)
FSF1P1 (Applied)

Language Courses - Grade 10
SubjectCourse Code(s)
French (Core)

FEF2DF (Extended)

FSF2D1 (Academic)
FSF2P1 (Applied)

Language Courses - Grade 11
SubjectCourse Code(s)
French (Core)

FEF3UF (Extended)

FSF3U1 (University)

Language Courses - Grade 12
SubjectCourse Code(s)
French (Core)


FSF4U1 (University)

The following Social Science courses are also offered in French:

  • CGC 1DF (Canadian Geography),
  • CHC 2DF (Canadian History),
  • IDC 4UF (Interdisciplinary Studies)*.

See the course calendar for full course descriptions or visit French Immersion for details.